Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The State Of My Obsession

The nature of my job requires me to have blocks of really busy time followed by blocks of nothing.  A lot of days I can fill the gaps in my schedule by copying music, making cd’s for students or sending out bills to parents.  However, there are several times during the month in which I have nothing to do.  I sit in my little practice room, at the table and try to keep myself occupied.

The truth is there’s only so much singing I can do in a day until I lose my voice or my mind, and there’s only so much reading I can do sitting in an uncomfortable chair bent over in an uncomfortable position.  So, I’m constantly coming up with ways to pass the time.  Occasionally, I’ll walk the halls at the school (but that’s a little creepy if you do it too often) and sometimes I’ll make phone calls, but unfortunately, my friends are all very important and their jobs or children don’t approve of me calling them just to chat at 10:40 on a Tuesday morning.

So, to occupy my time sometimes I play the state game.  In the state game you have six minutes to list all 50 states.  I know what you’re thinking… ‘Six minutes? Seriously? Give me a challenge’ but, I almost always forget one or two states (or occasionally six).  It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds.  Even though I’m just racing against the clock, the game has become a little bit of an obsession with me.  I HAVE to beat myself at it.

This week the obsession followed me home.  This website makes me feel like I’m in 3rd grade again.  Only dumber.  Last night I literally had to turn off my computer lest I lose my eyesight, mind and pride all in one fell swoop.

Try it.  Join my obsession and I dare you to beat me.

(But if you do beat me then please don’t tell me.  My fragile nerves couldn’t handle the defeat.)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend in Review

Happy Monday morning!

This weekend FLEW by me.  Between working late on Friday afternoon, judging NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) voice competitions all day long on Saturday and daylight savings time still confusing me, there wasn’t a lot of downtime this weekend.

So, all that, combined with the fact that until about 10 minutes before my bedtime I forgot to type up the recital program for my students’ recital this week, I am spent.

Right now, I am longing for summer (Even though I have no idea what this summer will bring).  So, just to tide you all over (and because who doesn’t love a blast from the past?) here’s a little Monday Madness photo:

Childhood 001 (2)

This photo was taken in my backyard, in our above-ground swimming pool.  Several things here are worth mentioning:

1. Our above-ground pool kind of looks like an infinity pool here.  So, if anybody asks, we were super fancy and had an infinity pool (that, apparently, looked off into the infinity of a pasture).

2. I promise I’m wearing a swimsuit.

3. I actually look, almost, tan in this photo.  This is probably the first and last time I looked tan.  Since then I’ve learned the hard lesson that when you have my skin a tan lasts for a summer but melanoma lasts a lifetime.

4. Neither my brother, nor I have pushed our bangs out of our faces.  I don’t know why, but that cracks me up.  Also, have you ever seen two kids who look less excited to be in a pool?

5. I think I look a lot like my Mom in this picture.

Only a few days till Easter! YAY!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Because I’m Not Above Thievery... And Also, Begat

It’s been a rough month.  I’m becoming convinced that March may  have it out for me.  But, I’m trying not to let it get me down, so I’ve decided to look on the bright side.  Now, to be completely honest, when it comes to thinking up fodder for my blog I am not above stealing.  I will gladly steal any idea that makes my life a little easier.  So, that being said… this is lifted from my sweet friend Katy.


Happiness Is Chelsea Wearin’ Hats…



Happiness Is Havin’ A Little Chat…

004 - Copy (2)


Happiness Is Bein’ With Ginger, Who Katy Begat…








(And yes, you are welcome for the ‘begat’ line.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday

Recently I went to the dollar movies (on a school night- I felt so cool) and I saw that movies are usually $2 (which totally defeats the purpose of calling them the dollar movies) but on Tuesdays they are $1.50.  I got so excited!  Who doesn’t love to save 50 cents?  That’s halfway to a happy hour drink at Sonic.  Well, whenever I went to pay the girl behind the counter charged me $2.  This instantly ticked me off, but there was a line and I hate confrontation so I meekly took my ticket and headed to the theater.  I sat through the whole movie (New Moon- for the second time) and I was ticked.  Every once in a while I would think about it and get really mad but then I would get over it.  After the movie, we were walking out of the theater I told my friend that I was super bummed that I didn’t get the discount and she said “yeah, me too.  Next time we need to be sure to come on a Tuesday.”  On the outside I was all, “yeah, totally” but on the inside I thought ‘it’s NOT Tuesday???’.  Nope.  It was a Wednesday.

The week before this story happened I was out to dinner with my friend Yumi and I ordered the Wednesday special, my cute little waitress said “I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t have that special today”.  I looked at her like she was crazy, ready to harm anyone in the way of my Chicken ‘n’ Dumplings (thank you, Cracker Barrell), and said “why not?”.  She answered “we only serve the Thursday special today”.  I thought ‘well that’s stupid, what kind of world do we live in where you can only get the Thursday special on Wednesday?’.  Then it hit me.  Yep.  Thursday.

So, all this to say: welcome to my blog, I hope you’ll join me along the journey to losing my mind.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Azalea Trail Fake Out

Last week Mom, Dad and I headed out East for a little road trip to visit my brother, Colin.  He lives in east Texas in a town called Nacogdoches or, as we like to call it, Naca-nowhere. 

We started driving on a gorgeous Saturday and I’m here to tell you that I’ve never been more proud to be Texan.  Beautiful weather and incredible scenery! 

First of all the hallmark of any good road trip: the Dairy Queen Blizzard.

007 - Copy

When we got to Nacogdoches we headed over to my brother’s new job so he could give us a tour.  Directly across from his plant is this:

009 - CopyIt’s really difficult to tell from this picture but this is a TON of logs piled up way high (and yes, you are welcome for all the exact details like “a TON of logs” and “piled up way high”.  I’m here to serve).  It really boggled my mind, and was a nice little reminder that we were in East Texas.

Colin is the plant manager for a fertilizer company and this doodad pours the fertilizer out into trucks.

010 - Copy

Here is my camera-shy brother at work:

012 Explaining something I’ll never understand:


Here are some chemicals that go in the fertilizer:



Here is a machine called the whatchamacallit which connects to the doohickey and does very important things that, once again- I do not understand.

017It’s never been more clear how different Colin and I are.  He wanted me to climb to the top of the tower and I kept slipping around on my Sperry’s (Note to self: top-siders are not appropriate for ALL occasions.  No matter how badly I want them to be).  I felt really nervous around all the heavy equipment.  Clearly, I belong on a dark room in front of a spotlight.

Here I am, appropriately dressed and accessorized for a plant tour:


The next day we visited the infamous Nacogdoches Azalea Trail.  There were signs all over town advertising the wonders of the trail.  So, we showed up prepared to be awed by the beauty of the azalea, only to find out that none of the azalea’s were in bloom. 

Epic Fail.

But, in the meantime, we got to look at some pretty big trees…

021 Some gorgeous flowers…


030 - Copy And I got to enjoy these folks:

037027 - CopyMy Dad has never mastered the art of standing still long enough to take a photo.


Finally, as we were leaving, my Mom got attacked by a tree.  Proving that not only the azalea’s hated us. 


Thanks a lot Nacogdoches.  A great time was had by all.  Except for the azaleas, of course.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Broken

Hey friends!

I apologize for the little un-planned sabbatical I’ve been taking from the blog.  I didn’t expect it anymore than you did.  If I was organized I would have planned ahead, but planning ahead is a tricky, tricky business that requires actual thinking and, you know… the planning.

It’s not because I don’t have plenty to talk about, that’s a promise.  There’s plenty to share from my little Spring Break adventures.  Part of the problem with having a lot to share is that visual aides (i.e. pictures) require a big commitment and it just was too much for me last week.

I’ve got a ton to share this week- including an azalea trail anecdote.  I know, try to contain yourselves.

I’m back and I am very excited.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

May The Leprechaun's Be With You


In honor of the many Irish Americans who read my blog here is a list of Irish things that I like, which I am so efficiently calling:


List of Irish Things That I Like:

1. Green.  Green is probably my favorite color.  Or, at least, when I can decide on a favorite color it is usually green.  And, although I’ve never been, I hear Ireland is known for its green landscape.

2. The Corrs.  Awesome music.  Thank you Ireland.  Thank you Corrs.  Thank you to the “In Blue” record that I listened to nonstop for a whole month when I was 17.  You’d think that I’d still be burned out on their music even now, but I still listen to it with great affection.  Coincidentally, if you are in the mood for some good instrumental music, check out “Rebel Heart”- next thing you know you’re imagining yourself roaming the green hills of Ireland (or so I’ve heard).

3. Vacation Dreaming.  I’d like to visit Ireland on vacation.  If you’d like to support me in this goal, I’ll gladly take Visa, Mastercard or Discover through my PayPal account.

4. The accent.  Makes me so very happy.

5. Irish Cream Pies.  Once upon a time, in high school, Chelsea and I were partners for a project (this is funny all by itself because Chels and I were strictly forbidden from being partners in almost all of our classes because of all the giggling, but we somehow managed to trick Mrs. Graham into letting us team up) and the project required us to present a holiday and bring a food to class, as a learning tool.  Well, Chelsea and I thought we were being so sneaky in choosing to make an Irish Cream Pie to represent St. Patrick’s Day because Irish Cream Pie includes a little ingredient called Irish Cream.  We hit up the mini-bar at Chelsea’s house and made the pie which included some Bailey’s and nervously brought it to class.  We watched with amazement as our classmates and teacher gobbled down the pie and then, when Mrs. Graham asked for the ingredients, we replied with “chocolate and I don’t know… some kind of cream, maybe?”.

6. The Lord of the Dance.  What is not to love?  Dancing?  Good.  Costumes?  Good.  Pipes and Flutes?  Good.  Dancers’ feet flying about as if disconnected to their bodies?  Good.

7. Celtic Woman.  What would I do without the Celtic Woman performances on PBS?  I love the “choreography” and the fact that the women always seem to be performing in front of some dilapidated castle with a drawbridge.  I will forever love the Celtic Woman because it reminds me of my friends The Clardy’s who share a similar affinity for all things Celtic Woman.

8. U2.  Duh.  Because: A.) I love their music, B.) I am a big fan of people who use their good fortune to do good for others and C.) I truly believe Bono and I could be best friends in real life if we could just meet.

9. Limerick.  Because I enjoy a good limerick from time to time.

10. The Potato.  Ireland has a long and somewhat rocky relationship with the potato, as do I.  Need I mention Ireland’s rough go-of-it after The Potato Famine, or my dark days after the french fry incident of 2007?  It’s a love-hate thing.  But in the end?  So worth it.

There you have it.  10 Irish things that I like.  I’m pretty sure that the Irish Department of Tourism will be calling me any minute now, so I need to go prepare my best Irish accent. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Monday, March 15, 2010


faye and judy 001 Don’t be so sad, little girl!  It’s your birthday!


birth announcement 001-1Judy Paulette Satterfield

(we won’t say how many years ago she made her appearance…)


Childhood 001 (10)

I’m so glad you’re my mama.


005 Lookin’ better than ever!


Happy Birthday Mother!  I hope it’s the best yet!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look! Assorted Photos That Have Nothing To Do With Each Other!

After my financial fast I purchased this purse:

IMG00121-20100303-1508 Isn’t she lovely?

It’s really beautiful and I love it, BUT………


I watched Oprah yesterday and I heard that you should carry a bag that is the opposite of your body type in order to look skinnier.  Which is why I’m wishing I’d bought something like this instead:


AKA- The tallest, thinnest bag I could find.

I also purchased this:

006Here is my personal ‘After’:


After, Side 2:



Any other ‘Price Is Right’ fans out there?

I bought this necklace (but taking the time to put it on was too much of a commitment, so here it is hanging on my hand):

IMG00148-20100311-2314 I also bought Beth Moore’s new book.  It’s greatness.

I fixed up this chair in my apartment (a long time ago- this part has nothing to do with anything).

It went from this:

SANY0638 Then I used one of my old skirts (and don’t think for a MINUTE that I want to talk about the fact that one of my skirts was able to become a chair skirt) to turn it into this:

SANY0637 Pretty much an epic fail.  I hate it now.  I could come up with some way to fix it, but I don’t have the energy or the tools and, in my defense, that leather seat cover is never coming off that chair.  Believe me.  I tried.

Finally, my shoes from last week’s opera debacle:

IMG00147-20100311-2312Please, do not be fooled by their deceptive good looks.  These shoes are the spawn of Satan.  No, I’m kidding, they’re probably just Satan’s cousin’s best friend or something.

Now, I know that you all are thinking: “Crystal, how many photography classes have you had to take to get your skills up to this level of excellence?” and the answer is simple.  Some things you just can’t teach.  I’m a natural.  I have God-given talents when it comes to photography, writing incredibly long and pointless blog posts, and walking.  And I’m here to share them with the world.  Or at least the four of you who read this blog. 

You’re Welcome.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Wounded Walkabout

Last Friday I was invited to go to the opera with my friend Joey.

Sounds innocent doesn’t it?  Fun?  Elegant?  Refined?

What I didn’t know at the time was that it was not going to be any of those things.  In fact, if I had known what was actually going to happen I would have crawled into the fetal position and hid in a dark room for the night.

That’s not overly dramatic, is it?

Joe and I spoke on Friday and agreed to meet at his place (about 45 minutes from mine) and then ride together to the Dart train station.  Mainly because rush hour traffic in Dallas on a Friday is a formidable foe and not to be tampered with.  We also chose this option because it would save us the hassle of having to find and pay for parking in downtown Dallas.  So, I arrived at Joe’s place on time and he had some emergency which meant I had to wait for him outside (since he lives in the swankiest apartment ever and couldn’t come let me in).  As I waited outside I took this picture:

IMG00132-20100305-1708I took this picture because I’ve been trying out black nail polish and wanted your opinion (am I too old / un-hip for this?) and because when you’re wearing a ring the size of a golf ball on your finger you want documentation.

After waiting outside in the wind (I’m not bitter), Joey finally came out and we were on our way. 


We made it to the Dart station and as we began walking towards the platform I started regretting my choice of footwear.  I had thought long and hard about what shoes I could wear that would be comfortable enough to walk in and still fancy enough for the opera.  Unfortunately I had made the absolute wrong decision.

Stepping off a curb my shoe got stuck in a hole and the top of my body moved forward but my feet decided they weren’t interested in that.  Have you ever fallen in slow motion? The world slowly fades away and all you can see is the pavement rushing up to meet you face-to-face.  As I was falling I literally thought, “this is going to ruin my night”. 

Let me just stop right here and tell you that I typically have a high pain tolerance (I’m not braggin’, I’m just sayin’) but this was a long way down and therefore painful. I managed to break the fall with my knee and hands instead of my face, but when I was finished falling I ended up being laid out on the pavement.  Even though Joe jumped to action trying to help (and trying, unsuccessfully, not to laugh) I was so shocked I couldn’t even figure out how to stand up. 

I finally managed to pop up and my immediate reaction was to pretend that it had never happened.  I just thought “I’d like to pretend that no one saw that and that I didn’t do that and let’s never talk about this again”.  Unfortunately, Joe didn’t get the memo and proceeded to ask me “are you SURE you’re alright” every three minutes for the rest of the night.

Luckily I was wearing tights and they didn’t snag or anything so I managed to hide the evidence of my fall and soon I decided I was decent enough to move on.  After hobbling over to the Dart station we caught our train and we were on our way.

I was sitting on the train, trying to push away the bad thoughts of what happens when you walk on a twisted ankle and clap with a broken wrist, when Joey turned to me and said “don’t worry, the opera house isn’t far from the Dart station- I think it said 3 blocks, it might have said 3 miles but I’m pretty sure it said 3 blocks”.  I knew then that we were in serious trouble.  It’s understandable why Joe wouldn’t think to mention this to me before hand, boy shoes are always more comfortable than girl shoes plus 3 blocks isn’t that far to walk (normally, in normal shoes, when I haven’t recently broken all the important walking bones in my body).

I managed to survive the 3 blocks and we finally had the opera house in sight.

untitled(Isn’t it beautiful?)

Anyway, we were steps away from where this picture was taken when… I fell again.

I kid you not.  I fell again.  This one only counts as a halfsie because I didn’t actually fall all the way down, I just tripped, dropped all of my belongings (my bag popped open and my lipstick rolled into the street) and grabbed onto Joe for dear life.  I decided that if I was going down again I was taking him with me.  Which, I think, was wise.  Especially since he later started pointing out every curb and stair to me for the rest of the night.

I seriously didn’t think it was possible but I managed to limp the rest of the way inside, shrug off the humiliation and watch the opera, which was beautiful.

IMG00137-20100305-2057 Here’s (blurry) Joe, enjoying his $14 drink during intermission.

And (to make a long story even longer) when it was time to leave, my feet were hurting so badly that I was hobbling down the street back to the train.  Joe kept telling strangers “sorry, she’s just learning how to walk” to which I responded “I’m going to hurt you”.  At one point I asked him how much money it would take before he would give me a piggy back ride.  I think I heard him say that there wasn’t enough money in the world, but I’m not sure.

Finally, after walking from one end of the earth to the other, we made it to the Dart.  I eventually got home and checked out the damage to my knee… 


******Please turn away if you are sensitive to blindingly white legs.  Or scraped knees.  Thank you.********


008 - Copy You can’t even really tell this is my knee.  Partly because of all the swelling and partly because I cropped the begeezus out of this photo to save your computer screen and eyes from permanently turning white.

Anyway, this is one of the problems that led to a Saturday of recuperation and to this- the longest post in the history of the world.

So, after writing this epic post I am off to figure out how to walk again because, apparently, I’ve forgotten how.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Odds and Ends and Oscars

Well, folks it was a rough weekend at Casa de Crystal. Unfortunately, telling the story would require me to get up, walk over to find my camera, uploading photos and then commenting. And since all of that would interrupt my laziness, it ain’t gonna happen.

However, I knew that your week could not begin without a few updates from me. So, here’s a look at what’s coming up this week.

I’ll be posting all about my weekend, which included a trip to the opera, public humiliation, and hobbling through the streets of downtown Dallas.  And that was only one night of the weekend.

Yea. Ponder that in your heart and get ready for tomorrow.

I’ll also be posting about all of my recent purchases since my financial fast has been broken. Including some photos of me and a bump-it.

Speaking of bump-its. Did you guys watch the Oscars?

Here are a few thoughts (that you may have already heard if you follow me on twitter):

1. It seemed like most actresses brought their A-Game this year with their dresses. My top ten list includes: Sandra Bullock, Queen Latifah, Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Cameron Diaz, JLo, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Kate Winslet and Amanda Seyfried.  And the laziness I mentioned earlier means that you’ll just have to find out what they wore all on your own.  Think of it as a scavenger hunt.

2. Was it just me or did they seem to waste a lot of time this year?  10 minutes on horror films?

3. By the way- a tribute to horror films? They’re lucky I didn’t turn it off in protest.

4. It bothers me that they are saying “and the winner is” instead of “and the Oscar goes to…”.  They’re all winners. It’s an honor just to be nominated.

5. Macaulay Culkin was there. With the Brat Pack.  All my 1992 dreams come true.

6. Did I mention the horror films?  What was with the horror films?

7. I loved last year when all the former winners got up to give affirmations to the nominees and I thought they weren’t going to do that this year, but I’m so glad they did.  What a cool idea.

8. I spent 10 minutes of my life watching a tribute to horror films. Ugh.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Technology Time Travel

I often wonder what on earth we did before Facebook.  I know this may surprise you, but I can actually recollect a time when I only checked my email 2 or 3 times a week.  And a time before that when my family had a computer the size of a smart car in our house (After that confession I should probably go ahead and admit to remembering a time before cell phones.  But if I did that then I’d have to confess to listening to cassette tapes in my youth or purchasing movies on VHS for more than $2 and then you’d want to sit on my knee and ask grandma what life was like back in the olden days and we don’t have time to get into that).

Of course, we all know that Facebook’s predecessor was MySpace but I never spent much time there.  And although I thoroughly enjoyed sites like MySpace and (the blog-world’s grandmother) Xanga I don’t remember wasting a ton of time online in college (I saved all that for grad school) on social networking sites.

However, there is one big exception to this rule.  Let me paint you a picture: my freshman year, I was (once upon a time) a cute and funny 18 year-old, surrounded by other cute and funny 18 year-olds.  We had boundless fun together.  My dorm hall (3B!  Holler!) had the most cute and fun girls all living in one place at one time.  Scientific experiments would prove that never has a group of girls gotten along more famously… or wasted their time more copiously.  It all started when Renea, our RA, introduced us to the website Hot or Not.

Lord have mercy.

If I told you how many HOURS upon HOURS I lost my freshman year to this website it would truly shock you.  It shocks me when I think about it.  It shocks me more when I look at my monthly loan payment and think of how many dollars may or may not have been wasted because, sadly, my interest in studying did not match my “Hot or Not” fervor.  I literally remember leaving dinner one night at 6:00 and spending the next three hours nonstop ranking people (Hot or Not is a website that people VOLUNTARILY submit their pictures to and then other people rank from 1-10 how hot the person is).  We would all crowd around someone’s desktop or laptop, trying to peer around heads and argue about what number we should give people.  This particular website was made infinitely more entertaining because it was a group sport and people’s varying degrees of “hot” played an important role in the ranking system.

Another freshman year pastime was Ze Frank, once again courtesy of Renea.  Probably one of my favorite things on the internet, to this day, is Ze Frank’s Pre-Date Confidence Booster’s.  The man knows how to speak truth into a girl’s life.  My personal favorites include “Are my shoes ok?” and “How’s my body in this outfit?”.  My group of friends and I still quote these to each other from time to time.  As freshmen, we spent a lot of time trying to perfect our impressions of him, especially my friend Sarah who got the accent and the lips down perfectly.

What was interesting to me as I was doing my “research” for this blog is how quickly both these web sites sucked me back in.  Maybe it was just muscle memory, but I think the truth of the matter is they’re just really awesome.  So, I’m willing to take one for the team and do a little more “research” on the subject.  Can any of you recommend any fun sites that you have fond memories of?  Or any new sites that are equally as fun to waste your time on? 

Thank you so much for joining me today on my journey through my technological life and the world wide web hall of shame.

Oh, internets. What a wonder.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worry Wart

I am, by nature, a worrier.

I’m sure this comes as a big shock to all of you who know me and even the ones who have only read about my life on this blog.  Not.  Although I may occasionally come across as very laissez-faire the truth is my brain is usually firing on all synapses.  (That may or may not be something I just completely made up.)  The ADD within me will not allow me to rest for very long without coming up with some problem that means big time trouble.

Lately, however, I haven’t had much to worry about.  I’m out of school, I have the best and easiest job in the world and I don’t have any really stressful issues in my life at the moment.  Until this week.

For some reason this week has nearly done me in.  On Monday I had to send out parent newsletters for my students.  Not a big deal, but this month I had to ask for extra money because of an added fee, and then deal with the outcry.  Stress.  Tuesday I got myself all worked up over something so silly I don’t even want to go into the details because it’s so ridiculous (and I’d like to walk away from this blog with a little bit of pride still intact).  Stress.  Wednesday I had a little car accident.  I’m not even sure if it can be classified as an accident since it happened between me and a parked car, but still… Stress. 

So, after spending a few days upset for other reasons Wednesday’s Stress Factor was through the roof.  I could spend hours berating myself for making such a stupid mistake, because a PARKED car?  Hello?  When did I flash back in time to become a my 16 year-old self?

However easy it would be for me to completely freak out over everything, I’m not… anymore.  When I can’t give myself grace then I find it in my parents.  Even though I’m a 26 year-old semi-adult I look to Doug and Judy for help a lot, and they always come through for me.  As silly as it may sound, when you are a worrier, you spend a lot of time expecting people to be disappointed in you; but when they aren’t, when someone says ‘it’s not that big a deal’ or ‘it’s happened to everyone’ it feels like a miracle.

I don’t know why I should be so surprised.  My parents have never beaten me or berated me over a silly mistake before (and I promise you there’s been plenty of opportunities).  But, their kindness still surprises me.  They are tangible evidence of God’s grace in my life.

So, I am writing this post for three reasons:

1. To say thank you to my parents.  And to you, if you have coaxed me out of a nearly catatonic state of worry before.

2. To say I’m sorry to Flo (my car) and that other car.  I don’t know where my brain was, but clearly it had left the building when I scraped up against a PARKED car.

3. To promise that I am going to try and be better.  I’ll try not to worry as hard or as much anymore, since it doesn’t accomplish much and I don’t want to wind up in a padded room.

Now, I’m off to figure out how to stop worrying.  I wonder if there’s some sort of 12-step program.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tasty Treats

The other day at lunch I was talking to some of the ladies at school and we were discussing food.  Namely: snack food.  One of my favorite conversations. 

Anyway, we were talking about our favorite snacks and one of the other teacher’s said “I love Twizzler’s but I don’t really know why”.  I had to laugh at that because if I had a Twizzler for every time I’ve said that about some food product, I’d be a happy, happy girl.  Anyway, she went on to say that the Twizzler was her snack-of-choice but she didn’t even think they had that much flavor.  After she said that a bunch of us agreed that we also loved the licorice treat but didn’t really know why we were so partial to them.

Most of the time I don’t really think about why I like what I’m eating.  I just think things like: “what kind of addictive drugs are in this queso?” or “I wonder if I can buy these barbecue Pringles in bulk?” and “if I get this ‘regular sized’ Snicker’s bar instead of the ‘King size’ then I bet it’s saving, like, a 10,000 calories!”.

So, it got me wondering- what kind of snack foods do you love?  Maybe it doesn’t make sense for you to love it… but sometimes love doesn’t make sense.

(Note: I am not getting any kickbacks from Twizzler’s, Pringles, Snicker’s or Queso.  But, if any of them would like to contact me, I can be bought.  For cheap.)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!

Typically I’m not this chipper on a Monday morning, or any morning for that matter, but this Monday I have something to be chipper about.  Today is the last day of my Financial Fast which means that in 24 hours I can buy anything I want (within reason)!  I am so excited!  After a 28 day shopping drought I’ve compiled a list of wants (not needs) that I plan on purchasing in the next few days:

1. A Bumpit.


Yes, I’ve mocked them in the past.  But,the truth of the matter is, my friend Hope has one and her hair looks amazing.  So surely mine will too.  Laugh now, but when my hair is super voluminous I’ll be the one laughing.

2. A book.


I’m excited to check out Beth’s newest book.

3. New boots. 

If I can find them.  I’m hoping to hit up the end of winter sales and find some boots for next year since I’ve completely worn through my $12 boots from last year.  Shocking, huh?  If Texas continues to have an actual winter I may even get some more use out of them this year.

4. Various Other Items

I’ll manage to find something that I never knew I always wanted.

What about you?  What’s on your current wish list?