Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Heights of Crazy

It has been tense around my house the past few days.  A different kind of tension than usual. Sports tension.

Over the weekend my DBU Patriots played in the NCAA regionals. This is a big deal because DBU was an independent and it’s very rare for independents to get a chance to play in the regionals.  They won the Fort Worth regional and are headed to a Super Regional! I’m not even sure what a Super Regional is, but I know that I’m excited about it.

So, as we say at DBU, Get Your Guns Up! (I’m not entirely sure why we say that, I think it has something to do with our mascot being the Patriot and all I know is we make the cutest little hand sign when we say it.  Can you tell this tradition started at the end of my college career and I was too old to be cool enough to get it?)


Coincidentally, any time I see or hear Patriot over and over I think back to my freshman year of college when the DBU choir had to sing at this HUGE, fancy banquet held at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas where we had to perform a little ditty called “The Patriot’s Voice”.  The fact that I could not find a sample of it anywhere on the internets should tell you just how great it was.  All I remember is the beginning which went something like this: “Hear the voice of the Patriot singing” sung in unison.  We had a dramatic reenactment to accompany our song- which, of course, included powdered wigs.

I digress.

Also, the Mavs.

My Mavericks have played several games in the past week which have each given me at least 7 minutes of intense nerves.  I have literally begun to believe that I have some sort of power over the outcome of the game.  I have a lucky shirt, I sit in my lucky spot on the couch and when it gets down to clutch time I have a well-worn path around the living room.  Crazy.  How is my shirt going to help the Mavs win? I mean, it isn’t even blue.  I tweeted tonight that my nerves were on the same level as if a tornado were bearing down on me while snakes slithered at my feet and someone eats a huge bowl of jello in my presence.

If you know me at all, you know that the fact I even typed that j-word is seriously saying something.

It says something because I can't even bring myself to say that word out loud in real life.

Really, it just says something about just how crazy I was to begin with.  Before all the sports-related-crazy.

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  1. 1. What the heck is a super regional?? I'm totally excited...but other than being a big deal, I have no idea what that means.

    2. I'm ready for the Mavs to wrap this up. It's been such an exciting year to be a Texas sports fan!!

    3. Ummm, and WHO ARE YOU??? I can tell you are on your last nerve. I can't even believe my little eyes just read that.