Monday, June 27, 2011

Must (NOT) See TV

This summer has been very interesting so far.  I’ve been home a lot more than in past summers and it has been hotter than the seventh layer of Hades in Texas this summer, which means I am enjoying my summer in the great indoors.  It also means that I have acquired some interesting television habits- some evenings I would be willing to swear I see steam coming off my DVR with the high demand I have placed on it.  Since I’ve always been a fan of sharing those things which mean the most to me I thought I’d share of my current faves with you. 

Before I do so, I’d like to claim this as a “safe place” where I can be safe to confess my most embarrassing television habits. Agreed?

5. Swords: Life on the Line- In my lifelong pursuit to live every week like it’s Shark Week, I am obsessed with any show which holds an off-chance of seeing a shark. 

4. Army Wives- Only, not any more since the season is already over.  I’ve only gotten into this show during the past two seasons so I feel that I should go back and watch the first seasons that I missed.  However, I can tell you that I have not cried at a television show in years like Army Wives made me cry this year. One episode literally made me go into the ugly cry… and then it sent me into the ugliest cry.  And then it gave me a crying headache.  My head even hurt the next day.  I am not even (that) embarrassed to share that I would get my crying under control and then as soon as they returned from commercial break I would be sobbing again in no time.

That, my friends, is some powerful television.

3. Real Housewives of New Jersey-  It never fails to entertain me. NEVER. It’s got it all:

Family drama? Check.

Squabbling siblings? Check.

Fur Boots? Check.

Fur Vests? Check.

Fur Coats? Check.

All-You-Can-Watch Fur Clothing? Check.

Cat fights with fur flying? Check and Check.

What more do you want out of an hour of television???

2. House Hunters International- I have a particular fondness for anyone who’s purchasing a home over $500,000.  Mainly because it’s so far away from anything I will ever know and also, because $500,000 means one thing in Texas and something entirely different in Europe, Costa Rica or Thailand.

1. Antiques Roadshow- I’m sorry, but if you’ve never sat and watched the Roadshow, then you’ve never known what it is to live vicariously through people who are raking in the dough for their salt and pepper shakers they found in grandma’s pantry. It is truly amazing television!

So, there you have it. And now I’m wondering, what television are you watching? What are my DVR and I missing out on?

After rereading my list I’m also wondering, when did I become a middle-aged housewife?

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  1. Oh my word! Crystal. Dawn. Chamberlain. How could I not know you are watching Army Wives??? I started Netflixing Season 1, and now Mer and I are halfway through season 4. How could I have not watched this before??? Definitely, definitely emotionally stirring, and I've heard that one episode on the current season is the saddest thing people have ever watched on television. Ever. We must talk AW this Wed.