Friday, July 16, 2010

Unrelated Doesn’t Mean Unimportant

I have so much to share with you all, and so few brain cells to string together a sentence.

1. Y’all I SERIOUSLY need a job.  Seriously.  The job hunt is an emotional rollercoaster that puts the rides over at Six Flags to shame.  I keep thinking to myself “you have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in your field of study, surely the people should be beating down my door begging me to take their jobs.”  Then I think to myself: “you are so conceited… and that’s why you don’t have a job” (because, in my mind, potential employers can read my thoughts).  All I know for certain is that the summer’s bound to end sooner or later, thus ending my summer employment.  In other words: I’m a short month away from resorting to moving into my parents’ house and becoming a field hand on my Dad’s farm.  And let’s all face the facts- that’s not gonna end well.

2. I spent last weekend in Corpus Christi, Texas.  I have pictures that I’m sure I’ll post sometime before 2011 rolls in.  I went for the wedding of my dear college friend Mari.  In a weird twist of fate she married the brother (Frank) of one of my other dear college friend’s Brent.  Anyway, it was a gorgeous ceremony and wedding.  I think I may have even got half a photo of Mari’s face.  I’m not so great at taking pictures and since my camera seems to have a 9 second delay before it takes a photo I usually decide to forgo the embarrassment of whispering “wait, just wait, just hold it” in hushed tones out of the corner of my mouth to the person standing next to me.  Moral of the story?  Some pictures.  Not many.

3. As a result of my trip (see #2) my obsession with Shark Week has reached a premature fever pitch.  I’m telling you- I don’t quite know what the deal is with me and (as I like to call it) The Deep Blue, but I know I’m obsessed.

4. I watched Steel Magnolias tonight.  I bought it for $5 at Target yesterday and I’m willing to go out on a limb and say it’s the best darn $5 I’ve spent this month.  It gets me every time.

5. Is anyone else done with this 5,000 degree humidity we’re suffering in Texas?  I know I am.  I get so upset with the weather man when he says “The high today is 93, but with the heat index it’s gonna feel like 118 out there”.  Just say it’s gonna be a 118.  Don’t get my hopes up.

There you have it.  It makes no sense, but when have I ever made sense?

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  1. I was halfway through commenting on each individual number, but Ginger girl somehow deleted everything. (???) So this is what you get.....nothingness.