Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Came Just Shy Of Promising

So, remember yesterday, when I promised I had a big post planned for today?  That was absolutely NOT a lie.  However, I failed to mention that I’d have to finish that post yesterday and then I failed to remember that I am a lazy bum who had yesterday off and consequently forgot how to do anything that didn’t involve a “Real Housewives of New Jersey” marathon.  And then I failed to remember how to compose a sentence without running on for lines at a time.  What’s interesting is that even as I wrote yesterday’s post I nearly threw an “I Promise” in and then I thought-  “No.  You don’t promise, because that’s the most surefire way to fail.”  So, I didn’t promise, but I still sorta failed.

In order to tide you over between now and whenever I get around to finishing the post that I began on May 29th I’d just like to tell you all that I saw “Eclipse” tonight.  Finally.  And after viewing it all I could think about was how badly I wish I was 17 again.  Because maybe then I would feel less oogey about how extremely good looking I find Taylor Lautner.  And Robert Pattinson.  And basically every other underage werewolf or vampire in the movie.  But, unless I miraculously turn 17 again sometime soon I guess I’ll have to entertain myself with normal non-shape shifting men.  But, honestly, would a night out with a Cullen really be too much to ask? 

If I promise to avoid red meat on our date?


  1. ooooo, I still I haven't seen it yet! Lucky!

  2. i would just like to point out that taylor lautner is legal now....still hugely inappropriate to fantasize about, but legal!