Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Revival

Remember how I said back in March that I’d like to post more than once that month?  And then do you remember how I ended up posting twice that month?  Practically a miracle.

Then, remember how I didn’t post at all in April (until April 21st)?

Not so miraculous.

Anyway, I sense a blog revival coming on.  And, in companion to the revival of my blog I have been enjoying a revival of my iPod.  I recently took on the task of organizing my songs into playlists, or as I like to call it, Via Delarosa 2011.  5 short hours after I began I finally had a semi-organized iPod and was finally able to enjoy so many of my songs I’d forgotten I had.

Here’s a few of the songs which are on repeat right now:

1. Carry Your Name

Christy Nockels?  Greatness.  Passion CD?  Greatness.  Singing this in the car at the top of my lungs?  Bliss.

2.  Glorious Day


3. You are Faithful

Both from the ‘God of Victory’ album.  These are both songs that were written by the worship team at the church I attended the past three years.  One of the hardest parts of moving was leaving my church, but having all these songs on CD offers me so many fantastic opportunities to worship- even if it is only in my car.

4. Rollin’ in the Deep

By Adele.  Oh my.  Oh. My. OH. MY. You should also listen to the WHOLE ALBUM.  Oh my.

5. Little Too Much

By Natasha Beddingfield.  I ran across this song when I saw the preview for the new movie Something Borrowed.  I loved the trailer for the movie so much that not only did I buy this song (and the whole rest of the album) I also read the book.  And then I read the sequel to the book.

Obsessed much?


Y’all enjoy!

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